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Here is the articulated video to Kiryu, the other Monsterarts model I currently own.

So the news Legendary brought upon us reminded me of S.H. Monsterarts models I have of King Ghidorah, Gigan, MechaGodzilla, and soon to be of the 1995 Godzilla ver.  I need to post pics of them when I have the chance.  They really look like mini versions of the actual suit on set.

ARTIST: End of Evangelion Single
TRACK: Komm, Susser Tod
PLAYS: 1,953


Arianne (The End of Evangelion) - Komm, Süsser Tod

I wish that I could turn back time, 'cause now the guilt is all mine. Can’t live without the trust from those you love. I know we can’t forget the past, you can’t forget love and pride, and because of that it’s killing me inside.

Ironic how cheery this song is considering it’s depicting the end of one’s life.